Tobin holding conga at Busboys,What is said about Linette Tobin:

#1 Top 5 World Adds (Feb. 5, 2019) — NACC

#11 on Top 30 World (March 5, 2019)  —  NACC

#1 on Top 50 World Album Chart —  Root Music Report (Feb. 23, 2019)

“A brief debut album, it is worth listening to over and over”

Dodie Miller-Gould (Reviewer, LemonWire)
Linette Tobin has a unique way of expressing her worldview. Tobin’s new album is a series of songs that makes good use of her chosen instrument, congas, and provides a setting for songs that focus on both global and personal concerns. She tackles discord among women, breakups, refugees, and the pain of watching a beloved relative die. The songs on “The New Shape of the World” are stylistically in the World Music genre. The album “The New Shape of the World” is vibrant. In a musical landscape full of ensembles with guitars and basses and drums, a group that puts congas at the fore of its sound is unusual. Tobin and her assembled players bring hope and a new styles of world music to audiences. On the title track . . . Tobin encourages women to put away their superficial differences to focus on larger goals. It sounds simple, but Tobin’s approach makes it sound as if such is actually possible. In short, the song offers hope. A brief debut album, it is worth listening to over and over.

“Kind of a nu-ethnic date, the hallmark elements are in evidence, but gringos can dig it too”

Chris Spector (Editor, MidWest Records)
Picking her playmates wisely, this bouncy Afro Cuban world beat date has the diversity and drive to bring it to the fore with ease. Kind of a nu-ethnic date, the hallmark elements are in evidence, but gringos can dig it too.

“Her playing is not just rhythmical, but musical”

Carlos Cesar Rodriguez (Venezuelan Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Conductor)
I’ve worked with Linette on several occasions as Music Director. Whether playing pop or even opera accompaniment, she is an extremely versatile musician. She has very broad exposure to different styles which allows her to cross-over and come up with her unique statements and signatures. She makes her instrument, the congas, sing. Her playing is not just rhythmical, but musical. She is a well-rounded musician with knowledge of many styles and rhythms.

“She is a bold and contemporary percussionist”

Emilito del Monte Mata (Cuban percussionist with Alexis Bosch, Cubanismo, Robert Fonseca)
I have the concrete view that Linette Tobin is an impressive and very versatile percussionist. I have seen how she executes percussion in diverse musical groups of varying styles. She has a great feel for complementing any type of musical group. She adapts to whatever genre and knows very well how to insert the right form almost by default. She is a bold and contemporary percussionist.

“Her abilities and dominance in playing this music”

Ernesto “Gato” Gatell Coto (Afro-Cuban lead singer)
Linette Tobin is very knowledgeable about our Cuban music with respect to percussion, especially on the congas, as much in the Popular Genres (timba, son, mozambique), as in Afro-Cuban Folkloric music (yambu, guaguanco, columbia, Yoruba, Congo). I have witnessed the many times that she has come to Cuba since 1997 to study with the very best Cuban percussionists of these genres, including with my previous group “Los Rumberos de Cuba.” I have also witnessed as her knowledge and understanding of Afro-Cuban music has advanced in strides, as has her abilities and dominance in playing this music. She is also skilled in singing, showing a great aptitude for creating harmonies, as well as good vocal technique.

“Great mastery of all genres on the congas”

Duniesky “Duni el Cuba” Barreto (Cuban percussionist)
Linette is a strong and excellent percussionist, and I very much admire her form of playing, and of combining rhythms, like rumba, with other genres. She has a great mastery of all genres on the congas, and for me, it is always a pleasure to play together with her. She is special, because she has been influenced by a wide variety of music and musicians, and she has taken all of these different influences — from Cuba, the Americas, and Africa — and used them to create her own unique style. She’s fantastic!

“A delight to work with and play with.”

Kristen Arant (Percussionist, Vocalist, Arranger, Owner Hands on Drums, Director Bele Bele Rhythm Collective)
Linette’s love and passion for percussion is unparalleled. She has traveled to Cuba numerous times as well as Ghana to learn and study the rhythms and techniques at their roots, and has played with world renown musicians locally, regionally, and as far as Mali, West Africa. Linette is a member of my all-women’s drumming ensemble, and her commitment shows up in her ability to play multiple instruments (drums, bells, shekere etc) with accuracy and musicality. She is a lifelong learner, always open to a new instrument or part, as well as a delight to work with and play with.

“One of the best and most professional percussionists”

Eleuthere “Gabin” Assouramou (Benin drummer and percussionist)
Linette is one of the best and most professional percussionists I had the chance to play with when I was in Washington D.C. She has a precious technique that allows her to really bring out all the different sounds and wonderful melodies from her drums.